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Has Capitalism Failed?

Currently in the Public Square 


(The Lack of) Ethnic Diversity in the New Bible Movies

Does the race of the individual actors matter when a story operates as a myth?

Catholic Thinker

Obama and His HHS Mandate: A Play in Three Acts

From campaign speech to Supreme Court drama, here's the story of the President's agenda.

Daylight Atheism

On Retconning Biblical Violence

It's good that decent people now recognize the evil of genocide, Jewish and gentile alike. But you'd never have gotten that idea if you were going solely by the Bible.


"God's Not Dead": A Review

If this becomes the standard for all Christian films to come, then the genre is truly in deep, deep trouble.

Wake Up Call

How to Meditate Like a Monk in Ten Easy Steps

I tried meditating, but my jumpy, synapses-in-overdrive brain was having no part of it. Then I read Yogani's Deep Meditation.

Doc Hollywood

Jesus in the Movies: A Complicated History

I thought it appropriate to survey the checkered history of the biblical epic, especially the oft told story of the life of Christ.

The Anxious Bench

"Just Spirituality"

Mae Cannon's new book profiles Christians who sought to practice both social justice and a rigorous spirituality.

Under the Ancient Oaks

Celebrating Life, Preparing for Death

While our best course of action is to focus on living honorably now, there is value in preparing for death. Here are three useful approaches.

Temple of the Future

I Am a Humanist, Not a "None"

I did my spiritual seeking when I was a teenager, and I found Humanism.

American Buddhist Perspective

Dzigar Kongtrul Rinpoche at Harvard Divinity School

In this video, Harvard University students listen to a teaching on Dharma and the need for universal responsibility.

People Tell Us About Belief in God