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Religion and Visual Art

Currently in the Public Square 


Christians Begin the Journey of Lent

Visit the Journey of Lent page for information about this six-week season, timely reflections, and helpful resources.

Faithful Democrats

CPAC Comments and a Different Vision

As I look at some of the policies enacted by the President and his administration, I cannot help but see the fruit of his Christian faith at work.

Work Cited

Wisdom on Our Work and Vocations: Two Great Anthologies

Both of these books provide ample food for thought on the topic of vocation, both general and particular.

Ride the Spiral

Magickal Theory and Early Practice

Lady Sable Aradia's The Witch's Eight Paths of Power is a good resource for anyone starting out in the Craft even if you decide Wicca isn't for you.

Gathering Nectar

The Benefits of Eating a Sattvic Diet

Sattvic foods make you feel fresh and calmly energetic. Rajasic and tamasic foods have different results.

Religion Q and A

How Should We Understand the Three Abrahamic Religions?

Why aren't the three Abrahamic religions (Christianity, Islam, and Judaism) one main religion?

World Religions

French Muslims and the Need to Blend In

Since the attack on Charlie Hebdo in January, French Muslims have faced a backlash, especially in Marseilles which has a sizable Muslim community.

My Journey of Conscience

Everyone Is On a Path Toward Wisdom and Compassion

Next time someone exasperates you, try thinking of their multiple lifetimes, and try to be patient—with them, and with yourself.

The Orant

Ending Hunger: A Brief Bibliography

Lent offers a great opportunity to learn and act about issues of justice. I am passionate about hunger issues, and here are a few resources that address this need.

Addressing the rise of religious violence and the role that faith leaders have in working to a solution.



Faith Communities and the Tradition of Civil Rights and Social Justice Activism