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Heroes of 2014

Currently in the Public Square 


More Resources on Advent

Here is a rich assortment of material on the background of Advent, resources for practicing Advent, and reflections on its meaning.


More Resources on the Winter Solstice

Historical commentary, personal experiences, lore, and ritual — gathered here to enrich your Yuletide festivities.

The Rogue

Sony Pictures Bows the Knee to North Korea and Fear

It is one thing to dislike how somebody portrays you and quite another to make threats, but that's apparently what's happening.

Wake Up Call

Musings on God and Life from an Expat Living in France

At 85 years old, Johnny is passionate about God and religion and life. He cares deeply about the state of mankind and where we are headed.

Anxious Bench

Give the Gift of Spiritual Formation and Neuroscience for Christmas

Rob Moll's recently released What Your Body Knows About God is helpful in understanding the work of transformation.

Jesus Creed

My Conversion about Women in Ministry

Phoebe changed my perspective of the role of women in church to the egalitarian view.

The French Revolution

The #1 Reason to Be a "Santa Truther" This Year

If we buy into the moralism of Santa instead of the gospel of Jesus Christ, we are missing out on the depths of God's mercy.

Christopher Closeup

How Twelve Anonymous Gifts Brought Healing to a Grieving Family

The poinsettia and note on her porch were the beginning of a Christmas mystery that she wouldn't solve for years to come.

Formerly Fundie

Rob Bell: A Symbol of Every Evangelical Who's Been Shunned for Asking Questions

Like Rob Bell, many of us take some space from the Evangelical establishment and find an alternative path, which shouldn’t be a surprise.

From Universal Studios and Legendary Pictures watch the trailer for "Unbroken"