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2014 Religious Trends—Atheism and American Politics: Gaining Traction?

Currently in the Public Square 

Love Is an Orientation

Mixed Orientation Marriages

The following advice is for the many couples out there who are grappling with mismatched sexualities.

The French Revolution

"How to Train Your Dragon 2" and Lessons of Diplomacy

This is a darker children's movie than you've come to expect. However, the film is notable because of its interestingly mature approach to what it means to love peace.

Pagan Families

"Divorcing a Real Witch: For Pagans and the People That Used to Love Them"

Diana Rajchel details the use of tarot in divorce, and it inspired me to think about divorce as a process of change, something we Pagans celebrate and honor in our mythic and ritual cycles.

Seeking Shanti

Preserving Human Rights Through Article 26

Providing a platform for students to voice opinions and question beliefs is unfortunately considered a privilege in many countries rather than a right.


The Golden Rule to Becoming Better People through Religious Practices

These practices are aimed at achieving ihsan, an Arabic term that includes the perfecting of one's character and the deepening of one's relationship with God.


What's New on Patheos Pagan

Explore the work of several recently added writers on Paganism and Quakerism, gender and transgender, Buddhist earth deities, goddess mysticism, and more.

The French Revolution

When Is Religion Terrible for Marriage?

It turns out that the God-haunted lifestyle is terrible for marriage. The God-fearing lifestyle is excellent.

Faith Forward

Practical Theology: Sounds Like Mysticism

We got the authors of three recent books of practical theology together and asked them to see what interesting overlaps and contrasts emerged.

Pop Theology

This Is a Test: "The Leftovers"

The most recent episode of The Leftovers felt like a puzzling morality play set against an amoral backdrop, which made it absolutely fascinating.

Why I Still Talk to Jesus - In Spite of Everything

It's Right, Normal, and Crazy

I don't have the foggiest idea what prayer does. I do know that I can't get through my day without praying.

American Buddhist Perspective

Korean Nuns Rap the Heart Sutra

We're seeing a small but growing trend of Western musical forms comingling with global Buddhism.

Student loan debt in America by the numbers.