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Can Violence Be Redemptive?

Currently in the Public Square 

The Deacon's Bench

"Heaven Is for Real": A Preachy Mess or Richly Satisfying?

I'll be honest with you: I wasn't expecting much, but for moviegoers craving stories that inspire, this movie may be an answered prayer.

Under the Ancient Oaks

"Heaven Is For Real": A Pagan Perspective

Since we don't care if the streets of the Christian heaven are gold or gravel, we can look objectively and learn to do a better job of interpreting our own mystical experiences.

The Anxious Bench

Clemson vs. the Secularists

Coach Dabo Swinney is on solid constitutional ground when he represents his faith today at Clemson University, despite the threats of the Freedom From Religion Foundation.

Daylight Atheism

Christian Radio Fans the Flames of Witch Hunting

A U.K.-based Christian radio station is advocating the reality of demonic possession.


Does Supporting "Happy British Muslims" and Pharrell Williams Promote Rape Culture?

If the fantasy of sexual exploitation that Pharrell champions in "Blurred Lines" is what makes him "Happy," I want nothing to do with it.

Muslimah Media Watch

"I Am the Beggar of the World": A Gamut of Perspectives

This book of Afghan women's poetry represents many universal themes that both reflect and transcend women's life experiences.

Daughters of Eve

Surviving as a Black Professional

The subtle racial and gendered micro aggressions in the professional world were more exhausting than overt racism. Here are a few coping strategies that helped me survive.

Sermons from the Mound

Pagan Consent Culture

Let's create a Pagan culture that not only helps to prevent inappropriate and abusive touch, but encourages loving, consensual touch. Here are some simple ways.


The Missing Link in the Poverty Debates: Fathers and Mothers

The findings signal rather straightforwardly that people benefit tremendously from the traditional family structure of one man united to one woman for a lifetime.

Black, White, and Gray

Was Opposition to Interracial Marriage Motivated by Christianity?

In reviewing the scholarship on this issue, I find little support that Christian justification has been the driving force inhibiting interracial marriages.

People Tell Us About Belief in God