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Remembering the Dead: Ancestors, Rituals, Relics

Currently in the Public Square 

French Revolution

City of Houston Attacks Pastors and Then Doubles Down

Houston has issued subpoenas that demand pastors' sermons on certain topics along with any "emails, instant messages, and text messages" on those same topics.

Natural Wonderers

Celebrating the Birth of the Báb: Learning to Live with Difference

My daughter was embarrassed about missing school for a Baha'i holiday. Here were my words of advice.

Seasons of Grace

The Beatification of Paul VI

Pope Francis has beatified a predecessor — Pope Paul VI, who was pontiff from 1963 until his death in 1978.

The Anchoress

Kasper Is Missing a Chance to Demonstrate Mercy

The controversy involved his words concerning the bishops of Africa and his denials. What's the truth of the affair?

What God Wants for Your Life

When Mystery Becomes Product: The Case of GTS

One is tempted to ask, "When does a school become nothing more than a hosting site for people who would like to take a shot at doing a bit of teaching?"

Warren Throckmorton

Mark Driscoll: Chose Resignation Over Restoration

The Board of Elders wanted to provide a restoration plan for Driscoll. Instead, Driscoll resigned.

A Sense of Place

Finding Land Spirits and the Fae

Here are some guidelines that should be heeded when one goes searching for spirits of land.

Shrinking the Camel

Six Ways to Take Your Micro-Sabbatical

The idea of taking three months off to focus on just-for-me time, well, that's hard to stop fantasizing about. But it isn't going to happen. So now what?

Spirituality Channel

Generating a New Vision at Success 3.0 Summit

We're hoping that each attendee really wants to evolve and is willing to participate in changing the game for everyone, to contribute to the evolution of love.

Searching for Tom Sawyer

The New Utopia: A Genderless Society?

This isn't about gender inclusivity; it's about gender neutrality, where gender differences no longer exist.

The People's Climate March