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Politics in the Pulpit

Currently in the Public Square 

Elizabeth Duffy

The Pope Makes Time for Autism – Can We?

When religious practice itself is a quality-of-life measure for people with disabilities, Catholic education needs to stretch.

Teaching Nonviolent Atonement

Oprah, the One Question, and Mimetic Desire

Oprah Winfrey is used to asking the questions, but there is one question that everyone asks Oprah.

Watching God

The Science and Spirituality of "Interstellar"

The powerful organ chord reflects the dissonant harmony of the film itself—a film that both embraces strict scientific humanism and a transcendent truth beyond it.

Shekhinah Calling

Spirituality Versus Superstition

I often have doubts about my practice: What if it's all fake? What if I'm deluding myself? What if I'm making it all up?

Susan & FreedHearts

Biblical Values Christian Colleges Often Forget

Title IX protection of transgender students on college campuses is clashing with Christian colleges' claimed right to religious expression. What to do?

The High Calling

Let It Flow Out: An Exclusive Interview with N.T. Wright

When N. T. Wright agreed to lead an intimate retreat at Laity Lodge, we took the opportunity to ask him about honoring God in everyday life and work.

Religion Q&A

What Does the Bible Teach About Polygamy?

Mormons are correct that there was "polygyny" (one husband, multiple wives) in the Old Testament, though not the "polyandry" (one wife, multiple husbands) that Smith also practiced.

Just One Thing

The First Noble Truth: The Noble Truth of Suffering

What happens inside you when you accept the universal truth of suffering, that everyone suffers?

The Font

Losing Our Catholic Youth as We Dither

A disturbingly high proportion of young sometime-Catholics in the U.S. and countries like it are walking away from the faith.

Muslimah Media Watch

Stability and Sustainability: An Interview with Hawa Abdi

Dr. Abdi, affectionately known by Somalis as Mama Hawa, started a free rural clinic that quickly grew into a 400-bed hospital and eventually a refugee camp.

Faith Communities and Ebola

25th Anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall